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Travel and Expenses

NHSBT uses the EASY Expenses system for the reimbursement of expenses which may be claimed in line with the Travel and Expenses Policy. The EASY Expenses FAQs also provide more information.

Always consider these Top Tips before you decide to travel.

NHSBT Pay Support manage and administer the EASY Expenses system. Expenses are reimbursed monthly through payroll, with salary payments.

Click the button below to access the EASY System.

Get the EASY Companion app. Available on iOS and Android. View the video section below for how to register the app.


Note: the app is not available for Windows based smartphones. However, follow the video guides below for accessing expenses through a web browser.

For finance guidance and an overview of reimbursement click here*.

*Please note - any link which is denoted with an asterisk (*) will only be accessible with a successful NHSBT network connection through Citrix/NHSBT Workspace.

Policy and FAQs

Don't forget, you can search our Knowledgebase for all FAQs, just click the link below to search.

Video Guides

See below for a list of video guides on the new EASY Expenses System. In order to maximise the video screen, firstly play the video and click the square icon in the bottom right corner to maximise.

Registering the EASY Companion App

Making Mileage Claims

Submitting your Expenses

Manager approval of expenses claims

How to access EASY Expenses on a Windows smartphone

Christmas Function

December 2019 will be the final year for the NHSBT Trust Fund contribution of £10 per head towards a Christmas meal.  The Trust Fund Committee plans to use funds to provide research grants instead.

Payrolling Benefits

From April 2019 Following feedback, NHSBT are changing how tax is paid on lease cars and business mileage to real time. This means you start paying tax when the lease car is delivered and stop paying when it is returned, and tax on business mileage will be paid when the mileage is paid. Checkout the payrolling benefits FAQs here.

Lease Cars/Using your own car

For more information about the Lease Car Scheme - visit the Lease Car page.

For more information about using your personal vehicle for business travel - visit the Using Your Own Car page.

Overseas Travel

If you are required to travel overseas for business purposes, follow the instructions below:

*Note: If you are required to travel overseas during the Covid-19 outbreak, please contact HR Direct in the first instance.

  • If you are aware of any medical conditions which may impact your ability to travel, please contact HR Direct in the first instance. If you have been advised by a medical professional that you should not travel overseas due to a medical condition, you will not be covered by NHSBT's travel insurance policy.
  • If you are deemed fit and healthy to travel, complete the Overseas travel approval form* and send to your line manager for approval.
  • Once approved, print and keep a copy of the Travel Insurance Pack* with you for the duration of your trip.

!Please note - this insurance is for business use ONLY!

*For any link denoted with an asterisk, these are only available when connected to the corporate network.

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