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Time Off Work

We recognise that there will be times when you will need to take time off for example to attend to any urgent domestic circumstances.  This section covers time off for the following situations;

  • Adverse Weather conditions
  • Attendance at court as a witness/due to Jury Service
  • Bereavement
  • Career Breaks
  • Carers/Dependant Leave
  • Coaching or mentoring
  • Giving blood
  • Investiture with an Honour or Decoration
  • Medical/Dental Appointment
  • NHS interviews
  • Public Duties
  • Relocation
  • Support for Development
  • Training with Reserves and Cadet Forces
  • Unavoidable Transport Difficulties
  • Urgent Domestic Circumstance

It does not include time off for sickness absence policy, maternity, paternity or statutory parental leave policy.

You can use the online Annual Leave calculators below to work out your leave (*note. to access both of these document you will need to be able to access NHSBT systems through Citrix - the documents may take a few moments to load):

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