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Redeployment Support

The aim of redeployment is to provide you with the support to assist you into reasonable alternative employment and minimise the likelihood of redundancy. We value your skills, knowledge and experience and aim to retain these wherever possible. As part of a range of support you will have the opportunity to apply for roles with priority consideration.

We have provided below all of the key information you will need to help you through the redeployment process.

You may like to look at the Career Development Toolkit page, which is full of useful guides, quick tips, samples and templates. Also, you may like to refer to the Organisational Change policy for further information.

If you require any further information please contact HR Direct via the Contact Us page.

Roles and Responsibilities

What are my responsibilities as a redeployee?

  • You will be expected to engage actively with the redeployment process and comply with the requirements set out in the Organisational Change Policy
  • To actively seek reasonable alternative employment, being as open minded as possible in relation to job roles, work locations and developing new skills
  • Activate and use your NHS Jobs restricted account when applying for jobs
  • Regularly check for NHSBT vacancies advertised on both the Internal Restricted Vacancies Report and Restricted Area on NHS Jobs. You can also view the National Vacancies Bulletin,updated every Wednesday on People First and apply for vacancies.
  • Accept any offer of suitable alternative employment
  • Inform HR Direct of any applications made to any NHS organisations, so contact can be made to check if any preference would be granted
  • Attend any redeployment presentations, workshops or one to one meetings

How can my manager and HR representative support me?

  • Arrange regular meetings with you to provide support and advice 
  • Approve reasonable time off with pay, to search for employment opportunities, attend training events and redeployment support sessions
  • Regularly check for NHSBT vacancies advertised in both the Internal Restricted Vacancies Report and the National Vacancies Bulletin, updated every Wednesday.
  • Check weekly and identify any reasonable / suitable alternative employment opportunities

What support would a Change Coach be able to offer me?

  • Provide you with two to three coaching sessions to support you with considering your options and career planning
  • Give you practical advice on how to complete an application and CV
  • Assist you with interview preparation by undertaking mock interviews and giving you constructive feedback to improve your performance and confidence
  • Advise you on training opportunities available and how to make the most of these
  • Provide advice to enable you to take greater responsibility for your development, options and achievements.

Redeployment Status – Potential Redeployee/Redeployee

What are the different levels of redeployment and when do these apply?

There are two stages of redeployment status; these are Potential Redeployee and Redeployee:

Potential Redeployee This is where it has been agreed that a post could be affected by the change programme but there are options available of other posts as part of the ring-fencing arrangements or potential redeployment opportunities due to the length of the change programme. 

Redeployee – This is where the employee is displaced and their post no longer exists within the new structure, location or future plan.  This normally occurs when the final decisions document has been produced following the end of the collective consultation in case there are any changes to the original proposals.  However it may be agreed earlier where this is beneficial to the employee affected owing to the short timescale and scope of the change.

The stage that applies to you will be agreed as part of the consultation process and you will be notified of what this means to you when you are placed on the redeployment register and in subsequent presentations or one to one meetings.

If you are placed on the redeployment register for reasons other than organisational change, you will be informed of the appropriate stage that applies in your circumstances.

If you have Redeployee status, you will have first priority for posts and if you have Potential Redeployee status, you will be considered after anyone with Redeployee status.

Redeployment Support

What support is available to me as a redeployee?

The support available to you on the redeployment register is dependant on the status you hold on the register. Support available will include the following:

Priority Recruitment Process

For what posts will I be given preferential consideration?

You will normally be eligible for preferential consideration for posts on your own band.  If you apply for any post that is not on your own band, you will be subject to the normal recruitment process and the redeployment preference will not apply.  If due to any particular circumstances this is different, you will be informed in writing. 

What is the recruitment and selection process for redeployees?


On a weekly basis, vacancies which are identified as offering any of our redeployees priority opportunities will be advertised on the NHS Jobs website on the Internal Restricted Vacancies Area, which is only accessible by redeployees. For ease of reference these will also be published in the Internal Restricted Vacancies Report allowing you to quickly see the vacancies for that week which you may wish to apply for.

Relevant vacancies will be advertised in this area on a Wednesday with a closing date of the following Monday.  If for any substantial reason you may have difficulty in meeting this closing date then you should contact HR Direct via the Contact Us page and we will endeavour to allow an extension to the closing date to the following Sunday at the very latest.

The vacancies will only be released to internal / external advertising once any redeployees who apply have been through the recruitment process. 

Important: You must use your NHS Jobs restricted account to apply for these vacancies.

Please be aware that once the vacancy has been released from the priority area we will not be able to allow you prior consideration.

You may also be aware that all of our vacancies are advertised on NHS Jobs, including internal only vacancies. To access these you will need the vacancy reference number which can be found in our Vacancy Bulletin which is updated every Wednesday. 

If you anticipate any difficulties in accessing the Vacancy Bulletin or the Internal Restricted Vacancy Report then please contact your line manager or a member of HR Direct to agree an alternative way to ensure that you have access to these vacancies.

Note: You may already be aware that NHSBT use the NHS Jobs website to advertise positions. This recruitment website is used by nearly all NHS organisations. We would encourage you to use your NHS jobs restricted account to apply for vacancies and set up an alert on your email for the receipt of any vacancies that match your requirements for a job.  Instructions on how to set this up can be found on the NHS Jobs Candidates page and details will be sent to you at the point you are informed of your restricted account being set up.


All applications will be shortlisted against the criteria for the post outlined in the recruitment documentation.  Where there is a match, you will be shortlisted.  However, there is an expectation that the shortlisting manager will be flexible in their approach and consideration will be given as to whether you could be reasonably expected to acquire or meet the required criteria in a reasonable period of time. If your application does not match the criteria, you are entitled to ask the recruiting manager for verbal feedback.

Selection Process

If you are shortlisted, you will have a formal interview where you are expected to complete any necessary tests used to ensure you meet the essential criteria for the post, provided these tests would be used for any other candidate.  It is recommended that where possible an independent manager or HR representative should be included on the interview panel. You will only be in competition with other redeployees and will not be competing against internal and / or external candidates.

There is an expectation that the interview panel will be flexible in considering whether you could be reasonably expected to acquire or meet the essential criteria in a reasonable period of time. If you are unsuccessful at selection, the panel must provide justification confirming their reasons to Recruitment and Resourcing Department for consideration before the decision is confirmed.

If you are not shortlisted or unsuccessful at interview you are entitled to ask the recruiting manager for verbal feedback.

Other Useful Contacts and Information

Career Development Toolkit

  • This toolkit is designed to assist you through a period of change in your career. It contains a wealth of advice and guidance on finding employment opportunities, useful tips on applying for jobs and a wealth of resources to assist you with thinking about your career.

Training and Development Support

You will receive priority status to go on any in-house training courses. Please ensure when you complete the booking form you indicate that you are a redeployee. Additional training will be discussed if appropriate and agreed as part of the collective consultation process.

Dealing with the emotions of Change

We understand that being faced with the prospect of any big change can be a particularly unsettling time for you.  It is helpful to understand the range of emotions that you may encounter during this time to help you recognise your reactions and know that this is normal. Moving forward to trial and acceptance is important to help you  seek new directions and opportunities with a positive frame of mind.  This is shown in the related document called Dealing with the emotions of change.  If you are struggling and need any support with your emotions during this time then please contact the Employee Assistance Programme who will be able to help.

Employee Assistance Programme

The Employee Asistance programme is a confidential, externally provided service that is free of charge to our employees and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It provides specialist support and information on issues such as careers, stress, childcare, family issues, workplace pressure and consumer rights. The contact number is 0800 716 017, or www.employeecare.com(access code and password is 72992).

Money Advice Service

This is a free, independent financial advisory service set up and funded by the Government. 

Job Centre Plus

You can find out about job vacancies and / or benefits on 0800 055 6688

ALB Guaranteed Interview Scheme

As you may already know, NHSBT is one of a number of Arms Length Bodies (ALB).  To maximise opportunities for our redeployees, it has been agreed to offer preferential consideration within the ALB community.  Therefore if you apply to one of the ALBs listed below, via your restricted account so it is clear you are a redeployee, you will be granted an interview provided you meet the essential criteria for the post. If you are invited to interview you will be treated the same as any other candidate without any further preference for the post.  

The ALBs participating in this are:-

  • NHS Business Services Authority (BSA) *
  • Public Health England (PHE) *
  • NHS England (NHSE) *
  • Care Quality Commission (CQC) *
  • Health Research Authority (HRA)
  • Monitor
  • Human Tissue Authority (HTA)
  • Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)
  • NHS Trust Development Authority (NHS TDA)
  • Health Education England (HEE)
  • Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
  • NHS Litigation Authority (NHSLA)
  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
  • Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC)

* indicates the largest of the ALBs

The above organisations will advertise their vacancies on NHSJobs.  Please continue to look at NHSJobs and if you would find it of assistance add the names of some of largest ALBs to your alert criteria.  If you do identify a post with one of the above where you meet the essential criteria, please contact HR Direct who will contact the ALB on your behalf.  You will need to provide the name of the ALB and the title and reference number for the post.


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