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People Strategy

NHSBT has recently approved a new People Strategy. The People Strategy sets out our ambition and aspirations for our Teams, our key workforce priorities, and importantly how we aim to support and develop our workforce to deliver the very best service possible for our patients, donors and customers. This is described within five key aims. Each aim is supported by a range of specific initiatives and measures, details of these measures are located in the expanding options at the bottom of this page. Watch the video below for an overview of the People Strategy.

The 5 key aims of the strategy are:

Attract the Best People – to deliver our life saving work and to bring innovation to an organisation that continually needs to evolve.

Develop and Grow Our Talent – ensuring our people have access to development to enable them to obtain the necessary skills for their job, encouraging people to grow their expertise and knowledge and secure talent for the future with robust talent and succession planning.

Retain Our People and Skills – ensuring we recognise and reward our people for their contribution to achieving our purpose.

Lead With Passion – We need leaders with the passion to deliver services whilst leading diverse teams in a front line service.

Create the Right Environment – we need to create a safe environment which encourages; a respect for wellbeing, employee engagement, innovation and continuous improvement and maintain our commitment to work in partnership.

Our NHSBT People Pledge

Our People Strategy ‘sets the weather’ for the organisation to ensure everyone working here, or joins us in the future, understands our ambition, our expectations of each other and how it should ‘feel’ to work here. In its simplest form we will be clearer on the contract we make to everyone working here and in return what we expect as part of that arrangement. We call this the ‘NHSBT People Pledge’. This simply describes the ‘ask’ of everyone working here and what they should expect in return for that commitment as follows:

See below for measures and actions arising from the people strategy.

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