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NHS Terms and Conditions of Service 2018 Pay Deal

As of 1st April 2020, we will enter the final phase of the three year pay deal. The deal continues to reform the pay structure and make changes to terms and conditions. 

This agreement applies to **ENGLAND ONLY**

The new pay structure will:

  • Continue to increase starting salaries
  • Remove all overlapping points on pay scales
  • Continue to reduce the number of pay points in each pay band
  • Prepare to introduce the new pay progression process from April 2021 (see April briefing note for more detail about Pay Progression from April 2021)

Keeping you informed

Check out the latest pay deal briefing note which details the key elements of this year’s pay deal in detail.

Devolved Administrations

For further information on changes to Agenda for Change (AfC)/NHS Terms and Conditions in the devolved administrations see below: 

Scotland – This is the second year of a three year pay deal. The Scottish 2020 pay circular can be found here and the 2020 pay scales for Scotland can be found here. The pay award for colleagues in Scotland will be paid in April 2020. 

Wales – This is the third and final year of the three year pay deal.  The Welsh 2020 pay scales can be found here.  The pay award for colleagues in Wales will be paid in April 2020.

Northern Ireland – The 2020 pay award has now been agreed for colleagues in Northern Ireland and will be paid in May 2020 salaries including arrears back to 1 April 2020. The Northern Ireland 2020 pay scales can be found here.

Pay scales

A direct link to the pay scales for 2018-2021 from NHS Employers can be found here. They can also be found on the Pay and Allowances page on People First.

You may wish to view the breakdown summary for each pay band.

You may also wish to view the pay scales poster.

Pay Journey Tool/Online Calculator

The online calculator tool shows in detail how your basic pay will change during the transitional period to the new pay system. This will help you understand what you can expect to see in your basic pay packet demonstrating the annual cost of living increase and your individual progression through the pay system. The Pay Journey Tool can be accessed below. An overview and demonstration of the pay journey can be viewed here.

Pay Journey Tool/Online Calculator

NHS Terms and Conditions of Service (TCS) 2018 Framework

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding the pay deal - we recommend that you firstly check the Pay Deal FAQs.

Consolidated Payments

You will notice that some pay points in Bands 8a and above in the new pay scale (band 8a and above) are denoted with an asterisk. This is because the transition from the 19/20 pay scale to the 20/21 pay scale indicates a reduction in salary however, to counter this, additional one-off consolidated payments will be paid in monthly instalments and pro-rata to the date of the individual moving to the denoted salary points. Click here to view the consolidated payments applicable to each indicated pay point. 

Colleagues affected will be contacted by letter to breakdown this element of their pay.

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