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It is important to act immediately on receipt of a resignation or when notified of a leaver:

  • To ensure there is no overpayment, please complete the Termination/Leavers form.  This will automatically go to our Pay team to action and you will receive a confirmation email of the details submitted. As part of the process you will also receive a notification from ‘NHSBT Notifications’ to click to approve or reject any annual leave balance for payment.  The annual leave record (in EASY) should be reviewed and fully updated before approving payment of any outstanding annual leave.

  • Terminations due to redundancy are notified directly through the change programme and submitted by the HR Change Admin team on behalf of the manager, so a termination notification is not necessary. Please contact the HR Change Admin team by email if you have any queries about terminations which fall into this category

On leaving NHSBT we offer all colleagues the opportunity to provide feedback on their personal experience during their time with us. A link to the Leaver Questionnaire will be sent in an email to colleagues leaving the organisation from Pay Support on receipt of a leaver form. You can also access the leaver questionnaire by clicking here. This will take around five minutes of your time to complete. Colleagues should only use this link once a date of leaving has been formally agreed with their line manager.

If you are considering Flexible Retirement, visit the Flexible Retirement page.

Initial action

Death in service

In the case of a death in employment, log a call with HR Direct as soon as possible (You can find the contact number HR Direct here). You can use the Death-in-Service checklist to support you through the process.

If sending your condolences to a next of kin of the colleague, consider using the death in service template letter to assist you.


Death in Service - Interim policy arrangements for Covid-19.

Things to consider

Consider whether any of the following apply to your employee. If they do, flag these to Pay Support when submitting the termination form.

  • Education Support
  • Cycle to Work
  • Lease Car
  • Season Ticket/Travel Loan
  • Overpayments
  • Child Care Vouchers
  • Imprest account (Blood Donation)
  • Flexible Retirement Form

Departments to notify


If the termination is a retirement from the NHS Pension Scheme, we will need 4 months notice to ensure that benefits are paid on time.

This policy is currently being reviewed, and therefore if you are considering "retire and return", please read the transition arrangement. (For full information on Flexible Retirement) If you are considering retirement or retire and return, you can find ful ldetails in the felxible retirement policy and supporting FAQs.

Career Development Toolkit

The Career Development Toolkit will help you to reflect on your skills and expertise, and provide you with some practical advice to help guide you through the modern job market. It may be that you are looking for something completely different, or wanting to find some voluntary work. Within the Career Development Toolkit, there are a series of useful guides, printable templates and samples, quick tips and links to relevant websites that will help you.

NHS Employers Working Longer Resources

For employees: NHS Employers have produced a resource for Staff and their Representatives to provide information about the pension scheme retirement age, anxieties, challenges and opportunities that a raised retirement age can present. It also provides signposts to further information and additional resources that may be of interest.

For managers: NHS Employers have also produced a resource to assist managers in understanding what an ageing workforce means for their staff and the wider organisation. The Working Longer Group recognised the need to support managers to develop positive age management approaches, and to support all workers across the NHS.

Providing references

If you are asked to provide a reference, you will need to send the request to HR Direct. They will provide a standard corporate reference, including any additional information requested. Should the new employer require additional information in a second request, this may be sought from the person managing the employee before they left us. Details of what may be contained in a reference and what can be included in a personal reference can be found in the Leavers Policy and Leavers FAQs.

Unauthorised absence

If your employee is absent refer to the unauthorised absence section in the Attendance Policy.

Non return from maternity or career break

If your employee is not returning to work following maternity leave refer to the Parents Policy.

If your employee is not returning from a career break refer to the Time off Work Policy and FAQs.

For all leavers you will need to complete the Initial Leavers/Termination Notification form.

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